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The Midwest Logistics Difference

We offer manufacturer direct pricing, cutting out the normal distribution markup and ensuring you the best price possible on all products.
We are centrally located in the Midwest United States in a climate controlled and security monitored facility.
We keep you up to date with weekly informative emails passing on any vendor news that we receive.
We offer free domestic shipping on orders exceeding $300.
We have no case quantities or minimum orders.
We offer web ready photos, supplement facts, and product descriptions on every product that we carry at no additional charge.
We are strict about MAP pricing, assuring a healthy margin for all of our customers on all of their products.
You can place your orders through phone, email and our new wholesaler portal.
We offer large amounts of samples and promotional material upon request for no additional charge.
Our customer service team is friendly and will work hard to meet your needs without pushing unnecessary products that you don't want.
We offer a Product Replacement Commitment. Midwest Logistics is committed to ensure that you receive quality supplements that you will be able to sell, if for whatever reason you are unable to sell a particular product you will find value in our 90 day product replacement commitment.
Other Services You Might not Know About.
Start selling with
no initial investment!

With the Midwest Logistics Drop Shipping service, you can start selling any of our top-of-the-line, brand name products with no initial investment. Why risk ordering a ton of products and worry about selling every one of them for a profit? For only a very small cost, we will fulfill your orders and ship them directly to your customers, so you can keep a huge stock of all of these products without purchasing and storing them. Let Midwest Logistics be your virtual warehouse!

Drop shipping cost $1.00 per product plus the cost of shipping, Orders placed before 4pm CST will be processed the same day. Inventory alerts will be sent out weekly and are always available upon request.

Online Retailer?
Forget The Hassle
For every product we sell, Midwest Logistics provides a digital webkit. You will get product photos, supplement facts, and text descriptions of all products including recommended doses, warnings, and ingredient breakdowns - all for no extra charge. No need to scour the web for decent photos or edit poorly written product descriptions from other retailers.