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Midwest Logistics offers supplement distribution services for a wide variety of sports and dietary supplement lines for our customers. We want our customers to be able to offer their customers the widest selection of supplements, whether in store or online. This includes lines from well-known, national manufacturers that are constantly in demand, including Premium Powders, Transform Supplements, VPX, LG Sciences, Innovative, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and APS Nutrition, as well as lesser-known, regional brands which produce high-quality products that can be hard to find from other supplement distribution companies that only focus on the big-name brands.

As a wholesale sports supplement distributor for a full range of sports and dietary supplement lines, we also carry lines including Promixx, which has a wide variety of gear that your customers will love. Many other of the lines we carry, such as Muscle Research and Alpha Pro Nutrition, also carry a wide variety of gear including t-shirts, sweat pants, lifting straps, shaker bottles and more, in addition to the wide range of high-quality supplements they offer.

As with everything we do at Midwest Logistics, we strive to keep you, the customer, at the center when we think about the lines we offer. We offer manufacturer direct pricing, which cuts out the normal distribution mark-up you get when you work with other supplement distribution companies and ensures that you get the best possible price on every product line we offer. Midwest Logistics is a USA distributor and a worldwide distributor, so we can help you get products to your customers wherever they are. We always strive to have the best quality products from the best lines because we know that's what you want for your business and for your customers.

We currently offer 45 different supplement lines. However, we are constantly evolving and expanding to offer the best, most comprehensive selection of nutritional products and vitamins possible for our customers. If there is a particular line that you are interested in selling, or that your customers have expressed a lot of interest in, and you don't see it listed among the lines we currently carry, please send us an email or call us to let us know! Contact us about this line and we will work on adding it so that it will be available for you to offer to your customers, either in store or online.

Here is the full list of supplement lines that we currently have available from the Midwest Logistics virtual warehouse:

ALR Industries
Antaeus Labs
APS Nutrition
Atomic Tabs
Big Dog Supplements
Biotivia Longevity Bioceuticals
Dennis James Nutrition
Dvided Labs
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
Innovative Laboratories
Iron Champ
Madd'm Muscle
Muscle Research
Pilot Chews
Power Chews
Premium Powders
RD Body
Soulja Fit
Southland Performance Products
Transform Supplements