Virtual Warehouse

Our virtual warehouse is a unique and innovative addition to our business. It allows retailers, vendors and clients the ability see a live inventory 24/7. Retailers can log in, research products, manage their drop shipping inventory or place wholesale orders quickly and easily with no risk of back-ordered products. Vendors and clients can see their own inventories and place fulfillment or wholesale orders any time.

Our central location within the United States provides us with a strategic starting point for fulfillment and distribution. It allows for moderate and equal shipping times for all domestic orders, as well as reduced shipping costs to most of the country.

Interested in the many perks of our virtual warehouse? Talk to us and we’ll help you get started.

Virtual Warehouse

Why Choose Midwest Logistics?

Midwest Logistics was created in 2009 by a few small supplement-line owners who weren’t happy with the distribution and fulfillment options available to them. Without a customizable option that fit all the owners’ individual needs and requirements, they decided to create their own distribution and fulfillment center. Midwest Logistics was founded by professionals with a long history in eCommerce to include only the best, modern business philosophies and discard the antiquated “business as usual” techniques still common in the eCommerce fulfillment industry.

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