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Midwest Logistics is a centrally located E-commerce Fulfillment service company

Any eCommerce business has the opportunity to sell a hot product and provide unmatched customer service through their own engaging website. However, without a superior eCommerce fulfillment provider, what value are your really providing to your customers? If you are ready to enhance your eCommerce fulfillment, Midwest Logistics is the perfect fit.

Midwest Logistics offers Same-Day eCommerce Fulfillment Services

With the growth of online shopping, a substantial amount of pressure has been placed on businesses to deliver orders as quickly as possible while providing full transparency throughout the shipping process that allows customers to track their package each step of the way. To achieve the optimal shipping experience, all orders that are received before 12 PM CST will be fulfilled that same day. This allows you to not only improve your customer experience but retain more repeat business. Because Midwest Logistics has a central location in the United States, we are able to provide consistent delivery times to both coasts while still allowing our eCommerce clients to take advantage of our international shipping capabilities.

Climate Controlled Warehousing and Inventory Management

Midwest Logistics is able to simplify inventory management through the use of a web-based warehouse management system. This allows our clients to keep track of their inventory levels in real-time so they can focus on increasing their sales and bringing more profit to their business. Because your products are stored in our climate controlled warehouse, you can rest easy knowing that your assets are in the best hands possible. Regardless of the products you need eCommerce fulfillment for, we have the optimal warehouse and storage conditions needed to help. As an added bonus you can also monitor your available inventory 24/7 in our warehouse with our virtual warehouse software. Keeping track of your inventory has never been easier!

How Can 3rd Party Logistics Services Help Your Business?

Finding the right packaging for your products is a critical first step in ensuring the protection of the product you are shipping, but it also saves on shipping costs because we are able to consolidate packages efficiently and navigate shipping discounts that may be available. If you are ready to enhance your eCommerce fulfillment, here are some of the other ways 3rd party services from Midwest Logistics can help:

Central Location with Expedited Shipping to Both Coasts
Easy Integration with Shopify and WooCommerce
Climate Controlled Warehousing
Real-Time, Web-Based Inventory Management
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Automated eCommerce Fulfillment

Why Choose Midwest Logistics?

Midwest Logistics was founded by professionals with a long history in eCommerce to include only the best, modern business philosophies and discard the antiquated “business as usual” techniques still common in the 3PL and eCommerce fulfillment industry. Unlike other similar service providers, Midwest Logistics extends support beyond Shopify, WooCommerce and SamCart to provide effective shipping and fulfillment services to businesses that utilize Amazon FBA or eBay to sell their products. We also have the resources and knowledge needed to ensure your international shipments are safe during air, sea, truck or van transit.

eCommerce Fulfillment Services