eCommerce Fulfillment

Finding the right partner for your eCommerce fulfillment can seem like a challenge. Not only do you have to verify that your products are being stored properly, but you also want to ensure that you are getting the best shipping quotes possible. Since 2009, Midwest Logistics has been redefining eCommerce fulfillment to meet the varied needs and requirements of our clients while ensuring their customers remain satisfied with their product’s shipping times.

In addition to fulfillment services for eCommerce based web stores like Shopify, SamCart and WooCommerce, Midwest Logistics also provides fulfillment services for other 3rd party services like Amazon FBA and eBay. Our eCommerce fulfillment experts can walk you through the process of creating a 3rd party shipment as well as a Fulfillment by Amazon shipment and explain the different options that may be available to you. With our experience, you can be sure that your products are received with no issues to limit returns while still maintaining target shipping times.

Midwest Logistics can also handle the import of products from international sources by providing import and export brokering services. This allows us to easily accommodate the global product needs of our customers through proper document filing and shipping. Whether your product is shipped by air, sea, truck or van, we can ensure you are covered.

Fulfillment Services

Same Day eCommerce Fulfillment

Any order placed through Midwest Logistics' eCommerce fulfillment service before 12 PM CST on Monday through Friday will be shipped the same day. By utilizing a centralized location in the United States, we are able to quickly dispatch orders to both coasts or globally to provide the best shipping experience possible for your customers. Freight orders can also be shipped same-day in most circumstances to replenish product at brick-and-mortar locations.

Knowledgable and Friendly Staff

Our warehouse employees are highly trained specialists that can pack your products quickly and professionally with minimal risk of damage during shipment. This includes not only securing your products during shipping, but it also means our employees will optimize your packages to achieve the best shipping rate possible. Our commitment to providing the best eCommerce fulfillment experience possible to our clients can be transferred directly to their customers.

eCommerce Website Integration

Midwest Logistics offers easy integration with Shopify, SamCart & WooCommerce to provide full eCommerce shipping. We can print your custom packing slips on all orders and take care of your eCommerce fulfillment quickly and accurately, ensuring quick delivery to your customers, so you maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Prompt delivery shipments help to earn repeat customers, positive customer feedback and more word of mouth referrals.

How Can 3rd Party Logistics Services Help Your Business?

Finding the right packaging for your products is a critical first step in ensuring the protection of the product you are shipping, but it also saves on shipping costs because we are able to consolidate packages efficiently and navigate shipping discounts that may be available. If you are ready to enhance your eCommerce fulfillment, here are some of the other ways 3rd party services from Midwest Logistics can help:

Central Location with Expedited Shipping to Both Coasts
Easy Integration with Shopify and WooCommerce
Climate Controlled Warehousing
Real-Time, Web-Based Inventory Management
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Automated eCommerce Fulfillment

Why Choose Midwest Logistics for eCommerce Fulfillment?

Midwest Logistics was created in 2009 by a few small supplement-line owners who weren’t happy with the distribution and fulfillment options available to them. Without a customizable option that fit all the owners’ individual needs and requirements, they decided to create their own distribution and fulfillment center. Midwest Logistics was founded by professionals with a long history in eCommerce to include only the best, modern business philosophies and discard the antiquated “business as usual” techniques still common in the eCommerce fulfillment industry. Contact us now to learn more about our eCommerce Fulfillment Services.

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