WooCommerce Fulfillment Services by Midwest Logistics

Any eCommerce business owner can tell you that having the right tools is the key to efficiency and growth. Knowing what these tools are is also something that is learned or discovered through the process of running your online store. Not every mechanic or chef is going to show their exact process or tools used when they conduct business – thats the secret sauce. The same can be said for running an eCommerce business. The most basic tools that you are more than likely aware of would be your website platform, marketing, analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) but one of the most overlooked and beneficial tools would be shipping or a fulfillment company.

Shipping can make or break an eCommerce store. It can ruin a customer relationship and bring much stress to a business owner. Albeit that some shipping instances are out of everyones control but there are some tactics and tools that you can utilize to empower your business. At some point during your journey as a business owner you will need to expand to include a fulfillment company. This allows your business to warehouse your inventory at a facility that handles your day-to-day shipping requirements. This is an essential and necessary tool that every eCommerce business will eventually need. However this can also come with potential problems with inventory, order tracking and general communication with customers and or the website. Which is exactly the reason why we created our own Midwest Logistics WooCommerce shipping plugin.

We have created a WordPress WooCommerce software plugin that seamlessly integrates with your eCommerce store to provide the best shipping experience for both the business owner and the customer. Seamless integration with WooCommerce to correctly handle order status, tracking, inventory and more.

Here are some of the Midwest Logistics fulfillment software highlights:

Tracking Support – Tracking is very important for a customer after their order. Our plugin will automatically send the customers shipping confirmation and tracking. This happens automatically after Midwest Logistics ships the order. The software plugin can also be configured to handle your the WooCommerce order status as you see fit. The tracking info is also retained in your admin order section.

Inventory Syncing – Keeping your inventory in sync with your online store can be very important and difficult do without software. We can keep your stock levels in sync with your eCommerce store to ensure that you only sell what is in stock. Midwest Logistics will also notify you when stock is low or depleted.

Multi Product / Bundles Support – The Midwest Logistics shipping plugin can be set up to correctly account for product stacks, bundles or any multi-pieced product while also keeping the inventory for each individual product correct. We specifically designed our software to work with the WooCommerce Product Bundle software plugin.

Variable Product Support – The software plugin will also work perfectly with typical product variations while also keeping your inventory levels correct.

WooCommerce UPS and WooCommerce USPS – Plugin conflict is a common occurrence with WordPress and this is why we have developed our shipping plugin will work in tandem with both of WooCommerce’s most popular shipping plugins:UPS and USPS. Your outward facing shipping prices and setup can stay the same with the introduction of the Midwest Logistics plugin.

Custom Order Process – Do you have a specific process or product that requires you to approve or verify an order before sending the info to Midwest Logistics? Our software can handle that. Order restrictions or customizations can be setup with the use of our software plugin.

Custom Shipping Types – Customize your shipping types or zones to display as you see fit. Outwardly you can call your shipping method one thing and then internally inform Midwest that its actually another method.

WooCommerce Fulfillment Peace of Mind

Heres the eCommerce business owner peace of mind scenario that I would like to portray. All my inventory is warehoused at Midwest Logistics fulfillment facility. As an eCommerce business owner I only need to worry about one thing; keeping product on their shelves. Everything is taken care of past that. It’s that simple.

Midwest Logistics has a centrally located facility that allows for optimum shipping to either coast of the US. Their facility is temperature controlled, security monitored and they have a real time inventory portal that can also be utilized for drop shipping. If you have any questions about our fulfillment services or software plugin please call or contact Midwest Logistics today!

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